Ahumados Sabal

AHUMADOS SABAL, is a company with many years of experience in the sector of smoked fish in the Spanish market, elaborates its products from its origins always starting from the best raw material and using the traditional methods of elaboration by a highly qualified personnel with the most advanced machinery in the sector, so that it obtains the expected result, offering its customers the products with the highest quality and freshness.

The Process

Our company performs the brine process through the manual salting of the product which achieves the penetration of the salt in a disseminated way throughout, to later desalt it or continuing with the smoking process, at low temperature and with natural smoke through combustion of beech wood which gives the product a subtle flavor and soft to smoke.

(Our company has never injected the brine neither smoked with liquid)

Our smoked products are free of preservatives, dyes, artificial additives and are subject to the strictest quality controls.

As proof of this, the quality management system of our company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

The Salmón

We only work with Superior Norwegian Salmon which arrives fresh, whole and eviscerated weekly and directly from the icy waters of the Norwegian fjords, where the best salmon in the world comes from.

Once in our facilities is treated by our highly qualified staff, checking one by one that each piece received meets the quality required by the standards set by our company.

The salmon is then removed from the head and is filleted and spiked by machine to later finish spraying it manually and draw it discarding the leftover parts to leave the piece totally clean and ready to be salted by hand.

Once the necessary time of salting has elapsed, it is washed to desalinate the product and thus proceed to introduce it in the ovens where, by combustion of natural wood, it is smoked and dried, giving the product some qualities and a mild taste with exceptional smoke.

The Cod

Fresh directly from Iceland comes to our facilities during the first months of the year, arrives eviscerated and without heads, to be treated by our staff.

The cod, unlike the salmon, must be hand-filleted as well as its complete hand made pin-bones removing, continued with the corresponding process of salting, desalting, smoking and drying.

The cod species that our company works with are the Skrei and Shiny.

Tuna, Swordfish and Marlin

They are large fish of which our company acquires the loins correctly drawn by our suppliers discarding these leftover parts for the perfect elaboration of the smoked loins.

With regard to Tuna, our company requires our suppliers to have the corresponding certificate that the pieces have been captured and ultra-frozen at -18ºC on board in order to comply with current regulations, maintaining the best qualities of the product.